Weekly Activities- November 20th – 25

Monday November 20th- Today’s movie will be The Great Outdoors! A comedy featuring  John Candy! Join us in the 3rd floor Cafe at 9:30

Tuesday November 21st- Today we will start the morning with our giant crossword puzzles at 9:30 in the third floor cafe followed by some musical entertainment at 2:00 in the dining room.

Wednesday November 22nd -Today St. Andrews church will be holding a televised church service. The elders from the church will be giving communion. This evening we will have tea and tales with Ruth starting at 7:00 in the 3rd floor Cafe!

Thursday November 4th-  Today we will have musical entertainment with one of our residents here at Conestoga Lodge. Greg will be singing for us and playing the guitar for us at 2:00 in the dining room. We will also have the Kitchener library coming in with books to rent in the 3rd floor Cafe.

Friday November 25th- Today we will have our weekly reading of the newspaper followed by exercises and visits from our furry dog friends!