Weekly Activities : Monday December 11th- Friday December 15th

Monday December 11th-  Today is the 2nd out of three shopping trips this month! We will be heading to Walmart at 1:15 and 1:45.

Tuesday December 12th: We will spend the morning playing some Giant Crosswords and in the afternoon we will have dog visits and popcorn threading!

Wednesday December 13th- We have a lot in store today! We will start off with word search races in the 3rd floor Café and knit the afternoon away! We will also be playing a Christmas game called “Blow the Fuse”

Thursday December 14th- Today we have a very musical day! At 2:00 meet in the dining room for Christmas music on the piano with Paul Shalm  followed by Country Boys at 6:30!

Friday December 15th- Today we will read the news paper over a cup of hot coffee and some donuts! In the afternoon we will be making a Christmas craft and have visits with our furry friends