Weekly Activities: Sunday December 31st to Friday January 5th

Sunday December 31- Happy new year! Please join Bridgette in the 3rd floor Café for a new years eve party at 6:30 pm.

Monday January 1st- Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have a wonderful start to 2018.

Tuesday January 2nd – Come to the 3rd floor Café at 9:30 for a fresh baked cookie! We will be playing giant crosswords followed by smart exercises in the 1st floor activity room. In the afternoon we will be having a sing-a-long on the piano with Helen Stephens in the dining room. In the evening our favorite golden retrievers will be in for a visit!

Wednesday January 3rd – Please join us for word search races in the third floor café at 9:30. Calvin Presbyterian will be in for a church service at 10:30. We will spend the afternoon knitting our troubles away! In the evening Ruth will be in for tea and tales! Meet in the 3rd floor café at 7:00pm.

Thursday January 4th – Our weekly tuck-shop will be coming door to door selling toiletries and treats! we will be serving our drink of the week in the 3rd floor Café. In the afternoon we will be making a special chocolate surprise in chocolate therapy. Join Ryan in the 1st floor activity room for a game of bingo!

Friday January 5th- Please join us for the weekly reading of the newspaper followed by St. Joseph’s Catholic church service. In the afternoon I invite you for a game of Euchre or Wii bowling. Smart exercises will be held in the 1st floor activity room at 2:15.