Weekly Activities: Monday January 15th – Friday January 19th

Monday January 15th- Today we will enjoy a muffin in the third floor café. Feel free to stay and chat or enjoy a cup of coffee. For those who are staying in, we will be playing a movie at 1:00 in the 3rd floor café! We will also be making two trips to Walmart sunrise center at 1:15 and 1:45.

Tuesday January 16th- Today Anne Marie will be in for a multi- faith church service starting at 10:30 in the 1st floor chapel. In  the afternoon we will be having a “make your own oatmeal” activity in the 3rd floor café, and there will be lots of fun toppings to try out! at 3:00 we will be having a game of carpet darts in the 1st floor activity room.

Wednesday January 17th- Today we will start out with our weekly word search races and scones in the 3rd floor café! We will knit the afternoon away followed by our resident food meeting. All questions and comments are welcome.

Thursday January 18th- This morning we will have our surprise drink of the week in the 3rd floor Café. 2 hands clay will be coming in to make an exciting craft out of clay! Sign up sheets are in the green binder by the front desk.

Friday January 19th- It’s time again for our weekly newspaper reading and discussion! Join us in the 3rd floor café at 9:30! In the afternoon we will be playing a game of Euchre followed by smart exercises and visits from our furry friends!