Weekly Activities: Monday January 8th to Friday January 12th

Monday January 8th- Please join us in the Café to enjoy a raisin bran muffin. Smart exercises will take place at 10:30 in the 1st floor activity room followed by an afternoon of carpet darts in the 1st floor activity room.

Tuesday January 9th- This morning we will have fresh cookies over a game of giant crosswords. In the afternoon we will have our order in pizza lunch followed by a wheel of fortune game.

Wednesday January 10th- Meet at 9:30 in the third floor café for some word search races. Ken Lukas will be in at 10:30 for a church service followed by sit N knit in the afternoon.

Thursday January 11th- Please help yourself to a cup of warm tea in the third floor café! the travelling tuck cart will be coming around all floors. In the afternoon Paul Shalm will be in to play some beautiful melodies on the piano.

Friday January 12th- Please join us in the 3rd floor café for our weekly newspaper reading and discussion. In the afternoon we will have a game of scrabble, followed by exercises and our weekly dog visits!