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Fall Activity Update

Fall is upon us with crafts, chocolate therapy and enjoying the nice weather!

Upcoming Events:

  • Birthday Party September 19th with Kim Atkins
  • Apple Fest September 21st with Kieth Toby
  • Bluegrass Cafe September 28th
  • Jax Tarot Card Reading September 28th
    • Five dollars for a 10 minute reading, sign up required

Weekly Activities: August 28th- September 1st

Monday August 28th- Join us at Crafty corners- we will be making some colourful birds!!

Tuesday August 29th- Summertime is closing in on us, so we are going to take a leisurely stroll through Victoria Park.

Wednesday August 30th- Let’s celebrate all of our August birthday, Pat Murray will be in to entertain us.

Thursday August 31st- We will be travelling to England for our travelogue this month. Join us in the 3rd floor cafe at 2:00pm.

Friday September 1st- Let’s try and solve the problems of the world at our Tim Hortons coffee and discussion group.

Activity Events: August 7- August 11

Monday August 7th- Civic Holiday

Tuesday August 8th- Let’s put on our thinking caps for our game Lightning Round

Wednesday August 9th- One of our favourite days of the year – Day Trip to Goderich!!

Thursday August 10th- Michael Toby will be in to share some more Hymn Stories

Friday August 11th- Don’t forget to get a visit from our furry friend Winston

Activity Events: July 24th- July 28th

Monday July 24th- Join us for some exercises in our first floor Activity Room, starts at 10:30am sharp!!

Tuesday July 25th- We are heading to Millbank to enjoy some Anna Mae’s yum-yum. Please sign up if you are interested.

Wednesday July 26th- Our very talented resident Greg will be entertaining us with his guitar. Please join us in the Cafe on the 3rd floor at 2:00pm.

Thursday July 27th- We will be getting a visit from the Kitchener Public Library. Come up to the 3rd floor Cafe at 1:30pm and have a peek what they have, all books are in large print.

Friday July 28th- Let’s solve the problems of the world at our Tim Horton’s coffee and discussion. This will begin at 9:15am in the 3rd floor Cafe!!

Activity Events: July 10th-14th

Monday July 10th- Join us as we head over to Stanley Park Mall for some shopping the van departs at 1:15 or 1:45

Tuesday July 11th- We will be ordering some KFC in for lunch, the cost is only $3.75!!

Wednesday July 12th- I hope the weather cooperates for our July country drive. Sign up and we will see where we end up.

Thursday July 13th- Warm up the vocal chords for a sing-a-long with Paul Schalm please join us in the dining room at 2:00pm.

Friday July 14th- St. Josephs Roman Catholic church will be in for service starting at 10:30am in our Chapel on the 1st floor.

Activity Events June 19th- June 23rd

Monday June 19th- Join us at Crafty Corners at 2:30pm in the Cafe we will be making Canadian Royal Mountie Pins just in time for Canada Day!!

Tuesday June 20th- Let’s celebrate all of our residents celebrating a birthday in June, Sheryl Walsh will be in to entertain.

Wednesday June 21st- Come along as we travel through the Oceans at our Travelogue starts at 2:00pm in the Cafe on the 3rd floor.

Thursday June 22nd- Warm up those vocal chords for our sing-a-long with Paul Schalm starting at 2:00pm in the Dining room.

Friday June 23rd- It’s our last session of Stand Up to Falls please join us in the Activity Room on the 1st floor at 1:30pm.

Activity Events: June 12th-June 16th

Monday June 12th- We are heading over to Stanley Park Mall for some shopping of our favourite things, please join us!!

Tuesday June 13th- It’s a sing-a-long with Mel Kitchen as he strums away on his guitar join us at 2:00pm in the dining room.

Wednesday June 14th- It’s RED DAY for our afternoon Strawberry Delight, Keith Tobey will be in to entertain us while we enjoy our favourite treats.

Thursday June 15th- Let’s celebrate all of our Dad’s with some Donuts, we will be enjoying these treats at 3:30pm in the Cafe.

Friday June 16th- Come out for our last Stand Up to Falls session provided by Community Support Connections, this begins at 2:15pm in the Activity room.

Activity Events: June 5th-June 9th

Monday June 5th- Join us at Crafty Corners where we will be making suncatchers, this begins at 2:30pm in the Cafe.

Tuesday June 6th- Warm up those vocal chords for a sing-a-long with Keith Tobey.

Wednesday June 7th- We will be having a visit from Mary Henein Thorne who is running for the Conservative party in our area.

Thursday June 8th- It’s time for our first country drive of the season, the vans depart at 1:30pm sharp.

Friday June 9th- Winston will be in for some visits, make sure you give him a nice pet.

Activity Events: May 22nd- May 26th

Monday May 22nd- VICTORIA DAY!!

Tuesday May 23rd- Come and get creative at Crafty Corners we will be painting some Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees.

Wednesday May 24th- It’s Music time with Lyndon Rudolph join us in the dining room at 2:00pm.

Thursday May 25th- We are heading over to Stratford to take in the play HMS Pinnafore. It is also our last Bluegrass Cafe for the season, the boys from the Greenwood Hill Band will be back in September.

Friday May 26th- Join us for our Stand Up to Falls session, this begins at 1:30pm in the Activity Room just before exercises.

Activity Events: May 15th-May 19th

Monday May 15th- Come along for a shopping trip to Stanley Park Mall, we have two trips heading over one at 1:15pm and at 1:45pm.

Tuesday May 16th- Don’t forget to wear your purple, as it is Purple for Peace Day!!

Wednesday May 17th- We are going to be exploring Tokyo this month at our Travelogue, come join us in the 3rd floor lounge at 2:00pm.

Thursday May 18th- Paul Schalm will be in to entertain us with his beautiful playing on the piano!!

Friday May 19th- Join us for Stand Up to Falls, this program will be running two times per week: Thursdays at 9:45 and Fridays at 1:30.